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In the records and information management business, diversity plays a key role in determining the success and longevity of a company. At C. J. Enterprises, Inc. (CJE) both our staff and our services are diverse — and with diversity comes a variety of viewpoints, ideas and knowledge that combine to form a unique blend of innovative solutions that normally may not have been considered otherwise. Rest assured, CJE possess the right combination of expertise and the resources necessary to meet and exceed the needs of your organization.

Below are the services that we offer:

Consulting Services
In need of experienced organizational guidance? CJE has been in the records and information management business for over 30 years and has established itself, not only as an industry leader, but as an industry authority as well. And throughout its continued growth, CJE has seen many companies of all types come and go, and has helped many continue onward towards the pathway of success. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Click here for more information.

Records and Information Management
Looking for an innovative and reliable information management company with a proven track record? No one in this industry takes more seriously the fact that your records are the life of your organization, than CJE. CJE deals with the challenges posed by the movement, manipulation, conversion, secure archiving, and management of valuable information for clients all over the United States; on a daily basis. Call on us and see what CJE can do for you. Click here for more information.

Health Information Management
In the market for an experienced company providing top-quality and affordable health information management (HIM) services? Then CJE is your solution! Not only is CJE among the most experienced and highly regarded HIM service provider in the United States, it literally created the market for it in the Southeastern region. When it comes to quality, experience and reliability — you simply cannot afford to go with anyone else but CJE. Click here for more information.

Web Development Services
Is your business or organization in need of a Website? Or is your current Website not fulfilling its intended purpose? CJE's Web development services is the fastest way to get your small, medium or enterprise-sized organization up and running on the World Wide Web! Or let us evaluate your current Website to get it up to speed with today's Web marketing standards. Click here for more information.

Document Conversion Services
Seeking ways to free up more office space by reducing your paper clutter? Then CJE's document scanning and conversion service is the perfect solution for your needs. Our service includes large/small scale document scanning and conversion to CD (fits over 30,000 black and white pages of information) or DVD (fits up to 13x more than CD). Click here for more information.

Administrative Support Services
In need of a short-term/long-term professional staff without having to deal with overhead costs? Let CJE's professional staffing service supply you with the staff that you need for any type of job, including administrative, medical, legal, and jobs requiring various levels of security clearances. Call CJE and let us deal with the costs and headaches. Click here for more information.

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