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What is an INTRAnet?

For todays growing organizations, success is often to the result of accessbility and timeliness...

Let's say you needed a few documents to be filled out by a client while you are in Dallas on a business trip. However, you accidentally brought the wrong documents with you, but your nearest office is in New York... which so happens to have closed 2 hours ago.

When you are dealing with strict deadlines and are always on the move, wouldn't it be a blessing to have access to any document that you need, at anytime, from virtually anywhere? This is a problem that can be solved with an intranet site.

An "intranet" is similar to a conventional Website, in that it harnesses the global accessibility of the Internet, but uses it as a virtual private network instead. Further, intranets are NOT intended to be viewed by the general public and are password protected to prevent such access. Members of the organization have to actually log into the intranet site in order to access the information within. And based on set individual security levels, have access to store and download documents, read and post bulletins, and even send messages to other members in your organization.

Put the CJE Web Services Team to Work for YOU!

CJE's experienced Web Services Team specializes in developing and implementing virtual private intranet sites suited for any organization. Our professionals work closely with our clients throughout the entire development process, so that our clients get exactly what they want in an intranet site, down to the intricate details all in a system that can easily be updated by our clients with little or no programming skills needed. We also handle all the training necessary to get our clients started fast, so they can take advantage of their intranet system right away.

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Note: In normal circumstances, CJE recommends that you register a domain (name) before developing your intranet site, as good domain names are SCARCE. You may also want to consider having your actual Website up and running first as well. CJE has both services available to you, at very competitive rates. When you are ready to make the leap into cyberspace, please consider CJE your one-stop Web services provider.

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