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What is Web Hosting?

One of the two options that you have after successfully securing a domain name, is to purchase a hosting plan before actually designing your Website. Purchasing a hosting plan as a second step allows you to immediately take advantage of the ability to send and receive emails based on your new domain name (i.e. Robert@yourdomain.com). If your goal is to maximize communication with your client base for marketing or other purposes, then this may be the best bet for you.

Web hosting (or simply "hosting") is a service that we at CJE provide our customers to enable them to publish their Website on the Internet, without having to actually purchase and maintain their own costly Web servers. A Web server, simply stating, is a computer that contains all the hardware and software applications necessary for it to connect to the Internet and publish Websites. But instead of having physical access to the Web server, our customers have "virtual" access to the server via the Internet thru a control panel and file transfer protocol (FTP) program. All the maintenance and upkeep of the Web server is handled by CJE, thus saving our customers - particularly smaller organizations - a lot in expenses, just in terms of overhead alone.

Dedicated and Shared Hosting Services.

CJE offers a variety of hosting plans depending on the size, function and needs of an organization. Our shared hosting plans are designed with the smaller organization in mind - offering the lowest cost Web hosting services by utilizing special high-speed Web servers specifically capable of handling multiple hosting customers at one time. Our dedicated hosting plans provide an organization with one full Web server solely dedicated to their organization to use at their own disposal.

Let CJE do all the legwork for you!

Unlike those "self-service" hosting companies, CJE offers a personalized touch in purchasing a hosting plan by guiding you thru the entire process over the phone. Our experienced Web services professionals know all the right questions to ask to will help you to determine what plan will benefit you or your organization the most. Regardless of the size, function or needs of your organization, CJE has a Web hosting solution especially suited for you!

And now for a limited time, register your domain with us free for the first year when you purchase one of our low cost hosting plans or Web design services.

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Note: Purchasing a hosting plan is only one step, in a 3-step process in getting your organization up and running on the Internet. In normal circumstances, CJE recommends registering a domain (name) before purchasing a hosting plan. Designing your Website before actually purchasing a hosting plan is yet another option. CJE has all three services available to you, at very competitive rates. When you are ready to make the leap into cyberspace, please consider CJE your one-stop Web services provider.

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