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With over 30 years of experience, C. J. Enterprises, Inc. (CJE) has proven itself as a leader in the ever-expanding Health Information Management (HIM) industry. It is, and always will be, our goal to provide nothing less than "excellence," when it comes to quality in both service and support. It is our experience and quality of service that gives CJE the competitive edge.

Here are some of the HIM services CJE has to offer:

PageGraphicAssessments and Reviews
CJE will provide accurate assessment of your HIM department operations or perform medical record reviews for appropriate coding, documentation, and/or compliance with various regulations and best practices.

 • Documentation Reviews
 • Accreditation Readiness
 • Primary Care Effectiveness Review
 • Inter-departmental Functions Relations

PageGraphicManagement Services
CJE offers comprehensive and quality consulting services and assistance with time-consuming projects that enhance the timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency of department or facility operations.

 • Policies and Procedures
 • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
 • Retention and Destruction Scheduling
 • IT Consulting and Application Development

PageGraphicTraining Services
CJE provides in-service training programs and workshops on numerous healthcare related and regulatory topics for management, clinicians, office staff, and/or board members. Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

 • E & M Coding
 • Documentation
 • HIPAA Compliance
 • Best Practices
 • Quality Improvement
 • Medicolegal

PageGraphicSupport Services
CJE offers professional support for our customer's manual and electronic health record systems. Our trained staff is experienced in filing, retrieval, document capture, indexing and database maintenance, as well as providing physical and data security.

 • Filing, Coding, Billing
 • Scanning and Indexing
 • Information Security
 • Backlog Elimination
 • Record Conversions
 • Record Tracking

For more information regarding our HIM Services, please call or write us. Click here for our contact information.

PageGraphic HIM Services

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