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What is a Domain?

The first of 3 required steps in getting your organization on the Internet is to immediately create and register an Internet domain name (or "domain"). A domain name is a unique address that Internet users will enter into their Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), to access your Website on the Internet. You may also use that registered domain name as an email address once the domain is actually hosted (click here for hosting information). For example, cje.com is a registered domain name that uniquely identifies C. J. Enterprises, Inc. (CJE) on the Web. Our domain is entered into Web browsers as http://www.cje.com. It is also used in our email addresses (i.e. info@cje.com). Domains are typically renewed on a yearly basis, unless a prepayment arrangement has been made. But as long as a domain name is registered, no one else may use that domain unless specifically allowed by the domain registrant.

Over the past few years, good domain names have quickly become very scarce commodities. Finding and registering good domain names has become a lengthy and frustrating process, with a variety of strategic factors to consider. Often times the inexperienced domain seeker will windup registering MANY different domain names before eventually securing the ONE domain that they will actually use; resulting in a great deal of wasted time and money.

Let CJE do all the legwork for you!

Unlike those "self-service" hosting companies, CJE offers a personalized touch in guiding you thru the process of purchasing a hosting plan. Our experienced Web services professionals know all the right questions to ask to will help you to determine what plan will benefit you or your organization the most.

Note: Purchasing a domain is only the first step, in a 3-step process in getting your organization up and running on the Internet. Hosting and designing your Website are the next 2 steps… and CJE has all three services available to you, at very competitive rates. When you are ready to make the leap into cyberspace, please consider CJE — your one-stop Web services provider.

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